I lift heavy things

After a bit of a hiatus and some forced irregularity with my lifting schedule, I got back on track a few months ago and got my deadlift back up to a moderately acceptable weight of 405 lbs.  My new goal is to lift 405 with good form before getting it back to 445, then onto 500.  My previous lift at 405 was a pretty ugly looking pull.  A bit rounded and loose in the upper back and too much strain put into the low back.  Those little mistakes are the ones you feel over the weekend.  Quality of movement is a big deal when you have a heavy load in your hands or on your spine and effectively training the ability to maintain that quality can’t be overestimated.

So to get myself back there I plan on addressing the weaknesses, specifically, the hips and upper back using exercises like face pulls, inverted rows (loaded) and obviously plenty of deadlifts and deadlift variations.  I’ll be performing 5 sets of singles at 90% or greater of 405, so 365 and up, with a big focus on quality and speed.  This idea is not original to me at all.  I stole it from Boston-based Strength & Conditioning Coach Tony Gentilcore who has the funniest fitness related blog around.  I have used it in the past with great success for all sorts of big lifts and plus I love lifting with just one rep at a time.  It makes me look strong and super cool and hides the fact that anything over 5 reps makes me gasp for air like a landed fish. 

So that is all I have for today, nothing mind blowing for the masses, just me selfishly posting about myself and my goals.  Make sure you have your own goals and a path to achieve them…. maybe there was a message behind this after all. 

In other news, I watched Thor over the weekend as well.  I was pretty nervous about watching it since I thought it could have been really butchered (not that I would have known, of all the “big” super-heroes, he’s the one I knew the least about), but it was done fantastically!  Great special effects and lots of fighting and lightning, not exclusive from each other.  Plus with Padme (Natalie Portman) in the mix I obviously had to be a fan.  She knows no boundaries in her acting prowess!  Alien princess, child assassin, ballerina psycho, lady scientist attracted to alien God and Darcy on the Simpsons!  Suck it Meryl Streep.

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