Swimsuit Summer

So on I walk into my favorite little deli between clients this Monday and order my meal (Carnitas salad with Creamy Tomato Gorganzola), and strike up a conversation with my favorite server and ask her what to blog about today.  “Ohhhh, I don’t know anything about fitness, I am the wrong person to ask that to.  I just know swimsuit season is coming and I am far from ready.”  Boom, thanks server lady (Kylie), subject approved.  Something we all think about and it gives me a good reason to post pictures like this…

Thanks Jessica.  So if we assume swimsuit season starts in July that means we have just 12 weeks to get beach ready, even though if you are in Oregon “beach ready” still means wearing a bikini, just with a poncho over the top to counteract the crazy winds we get.  12 weeks huh?  Lots of time right?  Not so fast there Wheezee McGee.  If the average 25 year old female is about 25% body fat and a womens typical ideal body fat % is between the 15-18% range (and from my experience this is typically their ultimate goal) then that means dropping about 7% bf.  Given the time frame that should not be much of a challenge but what becomes the biggest obstacle is how the average female will go about trying to lose that body fat.

Still many women will attempt endless cardio sessions on the treadmill but will change it up by throwing in the elliptical and the almighty recumbant bike.  The great issue here becomes where the loss will come from. 

The body will look to lose the weight from the easiest place first, which is not fat typically.  The body will keep only the amount of muscle you require it to keep, so if running on a treadmill does not illicit enough of a stimulus to preserve or increase muscle mass, and it rarely does, and you are in a caloric deficit, then your body will typically cannibalize your own muscle!  Muscle is what gives a womans body curves instead of jagged edges, humps instead of lumps.  Muscle = good, losing muscle = skinny fat/Amy Winehouse look.

She probably loves the treadmill... and lots and lots of heroin too.

So how do go about losing that fat but keeping the muscle around so you have something to fill the back of your swimsuit out?  How about heavy things you can pick up?  Like a barbell?  Weight lifting serves as a double whammy for fat loss purposes for women.  It both helps to preserve and also increase muscle cross-section but also boosts overall metabolic activity for as long as 48 hours, something Alwyn Cosgrove dubbed the Afterburn effect.  So basically you burn more calories when doing your day job, which in turn gets you even closer to this-

Tada!  I relearned how to insert images!!!! Kudos to me!

But back to girls lifting heavy things, a well designed program can lead to fantastic results and if looking at less than 10% to lose over 12 weeks, that should be very doable with time to spare. 

Well, off to get my last run of clients for the day, once againn getting the nod from Kylie letting me know I am getting in the way of her going home so off I go.  Now please go lift something not pink or covered in foam.

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