And then I felt my shoulder “zing” but not in the fun way

So this last weekend was a ton of fun for me, except for this one part but I’ll get to that later.  I had 5 nephews over between the ages of 11-5 and we played video games and ate pizza and cookies and whatever else happenned to show up.  They stayed the night so we could continue on in the morning too.  Turning back the hordes of undead and killing terrorists for 18 hours straight on two different consoles is no small feat.  What I’m trying to say is, “You’re welcome WORLD”.

The not as fun part happenned just before that when I was at my sisters house removing some sheetrock from her property.  She is in the process of building a new house so she can use a little extra help with the small things and lifting heavy objects is something I’m pretty good at. 

Side note:  Please don’t ask me to help you move.  Couches and pianos are not fun.

So as I was tossing the sheetrock into the trailor I could feel my right shoulder just a little achy and sensitive.  It has been bugging me the last few weeks and I was able to pinpoint exactly why just last week.  Anyways, I got a little overzealous with a throw of one load of sheetrock and “ZING!”, hello bad shoulder waiting to happen.  I stopped moving sheetrock but the damage was done.  For the rest of the weekend reaching away from my body was painful to the right shoulder and I had to keep it tucked to my side.  Fortunately video games are not very stressful to the shoulder complex so I was safe, unlike the zombies.

My shoulder has been feeling a bit better since.  I can reach forward without a great deal of compensation and pushups are pain free even if my shoulder does feel a bit “sloppy” during them.  I tried to post a video but haven’t quite mastered that yet but let’s pretend I did. 

Pretend video here.

Notice my scapulae jutting out?  That’s not supposed to happen.  In fact, it’s likely a big reason for my shoulder injury in the first place.  I could get all technical about why the injury happenned by ranting about “poor serratus strength leading to scapular winging leading to poor GH stability leading to poor pressing patterns leading to reinforced compensatory movements leading to BLAMMO, injury”, but instead I will just say, “my shoulder got hurt cuz’ I did bad things.”  So to all my clients who complain to me about doing the little “pre-hab” exercises before their workout, remind yourself of how great it is to be able to reach overhead without feeling like someone is stabbing and twisting a knife into your clavicle. 

So to go about correcting it I purchased Mike Robertson’s Assess and Correct to help me “fix” my bad shoulders.   A pro-active approach, even if a bit late coming, is better than just hoping it will fix itself.

I hope everybody else had a great and injury free weekend!  Oh, here is a jumping picture for Jessica.

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