Best article I have ever read… at least today

I had a whole other idea I was going to write about but instead I am going to leave a simple link to a short article I read about 2 minutes ago.  For the procrastinators out there, me included, it is a great read to help “push” you along your way.  Now go read it before you get distracted by the bright shiny objects in life.

It is written by Leigh Peele, a lady far smarter than me who specializes in nutrition and fat loss.  Check out her site, read her blog and then report back to me about how much cooler/successful/better looking/more well-read she is than me.  Whatever.  I am way stronger than that chick and have chest hair.  Like, lots of chest hair.

For those wondering why I didn’t get a post up yesterday, it was due to a combination of procrastinating and my blog turning into an incomprehensible rant about things that are not interesting. 

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