What you should be doing in the gym and how to not be another asshat in the gym.

Continuing from my very first post ever, let’s start working on the question concerning what you should be doing once you get into the gym.  Here’s a little rundown on a generic version of what I’ll do with my clients.

Foam rolling – here’s a clip going over the basic stuff.  Bottom line; it is awesome, you should be doing it and baby Jesus cries when you skip it.

Corrective stretches – if your upper traps are tight, stretch them here.  Chances are your upper traps are tight, as are your hip flexors and pec muscles.  Rarely do we have anything resembling an idealic posture these days.  Quazimoto is not the sexy beast Disney would have you believe. 

Dynamic Warmup – Best product ever going over this is Magnificent Mobility.  Pair that with Inside/Out and you will feel like a million bucks before you even pick up anything heavy.

Core Training – Please don’t insert more situps here.  Seriously.  They are typically the last thing our population needs more of.  Think about it, you are slouched over your monitor right now reading this, your abs are in a shortened state and you are going to go the gym to reinforce that poor posture?  Try a plank variation or an Anti-rotational press instead, or better yet do both. 

Resistance Training – Lift heavy stuff.  Pink dumbbells and stretchy yoga bands are frowned upon heavily.  They do not make you strong and being strong is important regardless of your goals, be they fat loss, hypertrophy (getting yoked) or athletic performance.    I’m not saying you need to put a 400 lb barbell (best video ever) on your back on Day 1, but you shouldn’t be afraid to challenge yourself a bit either.  Guys, you must train legs and not on the leg extension or leg press.  There really are more things than the bench press in the weight room.  Ladies, learn how to do a pushup and a proper squat.  Your body will thank you and so will everybody who checks you out on a daily basis.

Energy Systems Development – This is just a sexy way of saying “cardio” for your desired goals. 

Cooldown – Here is normally just repeating the same corrective stretches from the beginning and more foam rolling.

So there you have it, a very brief overview of a very thorough training session.  Now go lift something heavy and brag about it afterwards to all your friends/family/strange dude on the bus.

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2 Responses to What you should be doing in the gym and how to not be another asshat in the gym.

  1. Ashton Nikole says:

    That foam roller is brutal! But I don’t want baby Jesus to cry…
    Oh, and I definitely had to look up ‘asshat’ on Urban Dictionary.

  2. Kristen Nikole says:


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