Hello to the fitness world and enthusiasts out there!  My very first topic I wanted to cover in the fitness world is to answer the question, “Why bother?”

Bottom line when it comes to getting started is you MUST be able to find a reason why heading to the gym is a good idea.  I think people have these overly noble ideas of why they should get started, like to “improve their lifestyle” or “improve heart health”.  Most clients that come to me do usually have these very reasons when they first sit down with me (and I don’t dislike these reasons; they’re great, but it’s rarely their honest reason and it’s not the reason that will make keep the motivated), but after a little bit of talking their real reason usually comes out.  It is almost always a self serving answer and there’s nothing wrong with that.  It is that reason that will help them improve themselves and make them keep coming back to the gym. 

Their honest answer can run anywhere from, “This summer I just want to look good at the beach,” or “My boyfriend broke up with me and I want to look like a swimsuit model just to rub his face in it” or “I just don’t want my back to keep hurting every morning”.  There are a thousand other real reasons that will motivate people to not only get started, but to keep with it, even on the hard days. 

You absolutely must have a reason, a very honest reason, why you should do the hard things and not skip the next session.  Even when you hit the legs a little hard the day before and you’re having a hard time getting out of the car.  Even when Michelle (the office gossip, because all office gossips names are “Michelle”) brings bear claws into the office, your favorite!, and you have to make a choice between taking a step away from your goals or taking a step towards your goals.  You must keep that reason forefront at all times.

So the homework assignment is to find your reason, your real reason.

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1 Response to Motivation

  1. Jessica says:

    You need to use the word “fun” more. And jumping…. More exercises involving jumping.

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