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Best article I have ever read… at least today

I had a whole other idea I was going to write about but instead I am going to leave a simple link to a short article I read about 2 minutes ago.  For the procrastinators out there, me included, it … Continue reading

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Celebrity Training advice and the inane crap they spew forth upon the world

Because I still have no idea what I’m really doing as far as managing this blog (it is pure luck I found the right button to publish anything so far) I pressed a magic button and it took me to … Continue reading

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What you should be doing in the gym and how to not be another asshat in the gym.

Continuing from my very first post ever, let’s start working on the question concerning what you should be doing once you get into the gym.  Here’s a little rundown on a generic version of what I’ll do with my clients. … Continue reading

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Hello to the fitness world and enthusiasts out there!  My very first topic I wanted to cover in the fitness world is to answer the question, “Why bother?” Bottom line when it comes to getting started is you MUST be … Continue reading

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